Application and preparation method of spherical powder

Spherical powders have been widely used in many fields because of their good fluidity and high density. In the field of thermal spraying, the spherical powder makes the coating more uniform and dense because of its good fluidity, so the coating has better wear resistance; In the field of powder metallurgy, the forming parts prepared by spherical powder have high density and uniform shrinkage in the sintering process, so the products obtained have high precision and good performance. It has obvious advantages in the application of advanced powder metallurgy forming technology such as injection molding, gel injection molding and additive manufacturing (such as 3D printing technology).

Gas flame spheroidization technology (suitable for ceramic materials below 2500℃)

Through the special design of the oxygen-enriched combustion flame burner with CH4 by O2, according to the set of spray Angle and length of flame spraying high temperature flame, the irregular shape of the powder with a carrier gas (oxygen) by send powder spray into the high temperature flame area, powder particles in the high temperature gas flame burning large amounts of heat, surface melting quickly, and into the reactor at high speed, Under the dual action of rapid air cooling and surface tension, the powder is collected after cooling and solidifying into a spherical powder

The spherical alumina produced by high-temperature melting and spraying method can reach 95% or higher sphericity, which has the characteristics of high sphericity and high α-phase alumina content.

Widely used in packaging thermal conductivity, thermal interface materials, thermal engineering plastics, high thermal conductivity aluminum copper-clad plate and alumina ceramic substrate surface spraying. Spherical alumina powder market development opportunity is good, is one of the key materials required for a variety of thermal conductivity materials and thermal interface materials.

 Radio frequency plasma spherification technology (applicable to all metal or non-metal materials)

Plasma spherification technology is generally used to process refractory metals, such as spherical tantalum powder, spherical niobium powder, spherical tungsten powder, spherical molybdenum powder, spherical vanadium powder and so on.

Technical principle:

1、under the action of high-frequency power supply, oxidation or reducing atmosphere gas, inert gas (can be attached to hydrogen) is ionized, forming a stable high temperature gas plasma;

2、irregularly shaped materials powder with carrier (inert gas through send powder sprayed into the plasma torch, powder particles to absorb a large amount of heat in the high temperature plasma, surface melting quickly, and at high speed into the reactor were gas heat exchange cooling quickly, in under the action of surface tension, cooling solidification into spherical powder, into the receiving chamber in the collection.

Other atomization pulverization technology (plasma atomization, vacuum melting gas atomization, rotating disk centrifugal atomization, ultrasonic vibration atomization)

Plasma atomization powder making technology (suitable for all metal materials)

Technical principle: Because of the conductivity of ionized gas, the arc energy is rapidly transferred and turned into the heat energy of the gas, forming a high temperature gas jet (temperature above 5000℃), which can be used as a high intensity heat source. Metal and its alloy, ceramic (wire, rod, solid liquid) through the specially designed feeding device to make the material through the plasma gun produced by ultra-high temperature jet melting atomization, finally by controlling the cooling rate, to get the spherical micro nano powder.

Gas atomization powder technology (applicable to the melting point below 1800℃ metal materials or metal ceramic materials)

Technical principle: under the condition of vacuum or gas heating smelting of metal liquid and after insulation tundish crucible, current-limiting nozzle, imported high pressure gas atomizer, high-speed gas jet atomization of liquid metal into a large number of small droplets, droplet deposition under the action of surface tension in the process of cooling solidified into a sphere or spherical powder particles.

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