MoCu Copper Heat Sink

Molybdenum-copper is a composite material consisting of molybdenum and copper. It possesses properties similar to tungsten-copper and offers adjustable coefficients of thermal expansion and thermal conductivity. However, molybdenum-copper has a lower density compared to tungsten-copper, making it more suitable for aerospace and other applications. This product exhibits high purity, uniform structure, and excellent performance.

Due to the absence of any adhesive bonding between the molybdenum and copper components, molybdenum-copper exhibits high thermal conductivity. It has a thermal expansion rate that matches that of ceramic and semiconductor materials used in the electronics industry. Additionally, it offers cost savings through MoCu stamping and mass production, along with good machinability.

Molybdenum-copper material demonstrates higher resistance to ablation than pure molybdenum. It is more plastic and machinable, making it suitable for high-temperature components in rockets, missiles, and other weapons that operate at slightly lower temperatures. It can also be used as a substitute for molybdenum in various weapon components.

For high-power integrated circuits and microwave integrated devices, materials with high electrical and thermal conductivity are required as conductive heat dissipation components. Furthermore, these materials must exhibit excellent vacuum performance, heat resistance, and a suitable coefficient of thermal expansion. Molybdenum-copper possesses properties that meet these requirements, making it the preferred material for such applications.

MoCu Performance:

Material Composition

Material Density

Thermal conductivity of materials
W/moK 25℃

Coefficient of thermal expansion of materials














Thickness tolerance

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