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Metalproc laser cutting machine

The Metalproc Laser Cutting Machine is a precision tool used to cut a variety of materials, including metals, with high accuracy and speed. Utilizing a focused laser beam, this machine can cut complex shapes and fine details that would be difficult to achieve with traditional cutting methods. Its applications range from creating intricate components for machinery to producing custom metal parts for various industries.

Metalproc CNC Stamping Machine

The Metalproc CNC Stamping Machine is designed for high-speed, high-precision stamping of metal parts. It uses computer numerical control (CNC) to automate the stamping process, ensuring consistent quality and efficiency. This machine is ideal for producing large quantities of parts with detailed designs, such as automotive components, electronic parts, and appliance housings.

Metalproc CNC Bending Machine

The Metalproc CNC Bending Machine is used to bend and shape metal sheets into desired forms. By using CNC technology, this machine ensures precise control over the bending process, allowing for the creation of complex bends and angles with high repeatability. It is commonly used in manufacturing industries for producing parts such as brackets, enclosures, and frames.

Metalproc CNC Lathe Processing

The Metalproc CNC Lathe Processing machine is used for precision turning operations on metal parts. It rotates the workpiece while a cutting tool shapes it into the desired form. CNC control allows for intricate and accurate machining of complex shapes and profiles, making it suitable for creating components like shafts, bushings, and other cylindrical parts.

Metalproc CNC mold development

The Metalproc CNC Mold Development machine is dedicated to the design and creation of molds used in various manufacturing processes. Utilizing CNC technology, it can produce highly detailed and precise molds, essential for injection molding, die casting, and other molding techniques. This ensures that the final products are consistent and meet high-quality standards.

Metalproc Mold Processing Finished product area

The Metalproc Mold Processing Finished Product Area is the designated space where completed molds are inspected, stored, and prepared for use in production. This area ensures that all molds meet the required specifications and are ready for efficient integration into the manufacturing process, supporting the production of high-quality parts and components.

Die stamping batch production workshop

The Die Stamping Batch Production Workshop at Metalproc is a specialized area dedicated to the mass production of stamped metal parts. Equipped with multiple stamping machines and automated systems, this workshop focuses on high-volume production runs. It ensures that large quantities of parts are produced efficiently and consistently, supporting industries such as automotive, electronics, and consumer goods.

Each of these pieces of equipment plays a crucial role in the manufacturing process, contributing to the efficiency, precision, and quality of the products made at Metalproc.

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