Laser Etching Processing Tungsten Needle

We can customize threaded tungsten needles for you

Threaded tungsten needles are commonly used in the following areas:

  1. Medical Field: Threaded tungsten needles are frequently employed in surgical procedures, biopsies, and various diagnostic processes in the medical industry.
  2. Industrial Sector: Industries utilize threaded tungsten needles for precision machining, assembly, and fastening, especially in environments requiring high strength and corrosion resistance.
  3. Laboratory and Scientific Research: Threaded tungsten needles find applications in laboratories for precise measurements, sample preparation, and scientific research endeavors.
  4. Manufacturing: In manufacturing, threaded tungsten needles are commonly used in the assembly and machining processes of machinery, automotive components, and aerospace products.
  5. Electronics and Microelectronics Industry: The electronics and microelectronics industry employs threaded tungsten needles in the manufacturing of electronic devices, semiconductor components, and micro-mechanical parts.
  6. Chemical and Petroleum Industries: Threaded tungsten needles are often used in the chemical and petroleum industries for pipe connections, valve installations, and other applications requiring high temperature and corrosion resistance.

What threaded tungsten needles can we make?

Thread Size Thread Diameter (mm) Pitch (mm)
M3 3 mm 0.5 mm
M3.5 3.5 mm 0.6 mm
M4 4 mm 0.7 mm
M5 5 mm 0.8 mm
M6 6 mm 1 mm
M8 8 mm 1.25 mm
M10 10 mm 1.5 mm
M12 12 mm 1.75 mm
M14 14 mm 2 mm
M16 16 mm 2 mm
M18 18 mm 2.5 mm
M20 20 mm 2.5 mm
M22 22 mm 2.5 mm
M24 24 mm 3 mm
M27 27 mm 3 mm
M30 30 mm 3.5 mm


Tungsten pin is a kind of tungsten product made of pure tungsten or tungsten alloy electrode material, which is ground into a tip by one end.

Grinding range: tungsten electrode diameter 0.5mm-6.0mm
Grinding tip angle: 0-70°

Purity: W≥99.95%

Melting point: 3420 °C / 3693 K

Common diameters of tungsten needles: 0.1mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm, 1.0mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm up to 12mm.

The main uses of tungsten needles are as follows:

1. Cathode discharge needle

Tungsten needle can be used for ion fan, ion drum, ion gun, ion snake, electrostatic bar and other equipment as a cathode to emit electrons.

Ion fan tungsten needle common specifications: 1.0 * 15mm, 1.0 * 30mm, 1.0 * 10mm, 1.5 * 0.8mm, 1.5 * 10mm, 1.5 * 15mm, 1.5 * 20mm

2. For electronic probe components

For digital four-probe tester, four-probe resistivity square resistance probe, silicon material compound tester, semiconductor conductive model identifier, etc.

3.Tungsten level argon arc welding

In the welding process using AC or DC, we can use ground tip pure tungsten, cerium tungsten, thorium tungsten electrode. In the case of low current or welding thin materials, the sharpened tungsten pin works better than ordinary electrodes because it directs the current into a concentrated arc and helps prevent them from twisting. However, higher current applications are not recommended because the tip of the pointed tungsten electrode falls off and can lead to contamination.


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